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over 35 years of serving the area; Los Angeles & Orange County


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Rainbow Carpet Cleaning has been serving Los Angeles & Orange County area for over 35 years.  We have been cleaning both residential and commercial properties, and many of our satisfied customers have been either returning to us for their cleaning tasks or referral our business to their neighbors and business associates.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, properly bonded and insured. We do care safety in our job site, and our working crews have been performing cleaning task with utmost care and devotion.  We are open, and we accept free quotation requests.  Send us a few line, and we will be there.

What We Do

We provide any type of cleaning services.  Our 35 years of experience guarantee satisfactory job performance and below is the list of job task we provide.  If you need to see the detail, click the button below:


  • carpet steam cleaning
  • rug cleaning
  • upholsteries cleaning
  • natural stone polishing
  • marble polishing
  • wooden floor cleaning
  • various tiles wax/sealer

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

We guarantee our work 100%.  35 years of experience and know-hows surely will make you satisfied and return to us for our dedicated work.

Reliable & Fully Insured

We are fully insured and bonded.  We do our work with extreme caution and dedication, but in case anything happens in the job site, we are fully insured and bonded.

No Contracts

We do not burden you with uncancellable contracts.  We are sure of our devotion and work quality.  No need to worry about signing up contracts with us.  You will return and rely on us, which we are sure of.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

35 years of experience surely will make you another satisfied customer of ours.  We run our business through referral.  Chances are you will see Rainbow customers in your community, and you are joining many of our satisfied customers in the area.

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Are you in need of cleaning your carpet or floor?  Send us a message requesting a free quote.

We are 100% insured, bonded, and guarantee quality work.

Call: (800) 498-0555
Email: rainbowccc@hotmail.com